You’ve Paid off Your Vehicle!

Give Your Vehicle the “Spa” Treatment

Debt has become a huge part of the American life.  We have school loans that we are paying off.  We have home mortgages that we are tackling.  We may have a little bit of credit card debt that we can’t seem to get out from underneath.  And many people have car loans that they’re consistently paying on.  Working toward a debt free life is tough… and when you get there you should reward yourself!

Auto Detailling in Billings

You probably have a pretty good idea when your vehicle will be paid off.  When you can finally say that you own the car, truck, or SUV outright.  And it will be a great feeling not to write that check for hundreds of dollars every month.  Before you get comfortable with all that extra money in your pocket, treat yourself to a full auto detailing!

Completely Detail Your New Vehicle

Let’s face it; the vehicle probably isn’t new anymore.  In fact, many car loans are actually designed to last 6, 7, or more years!  By the time it has been paid off, you may be considering an upgrade to an even newer vehicle.

Before that happens, however, restore your vehicle to the clean state it was in when you first bought it.  Bring it to Big Sky Collision Center for the most affordable auto detailing in Billings.

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What Does a Full Detail Include?

We have three levels of cleaning to suit your needs.

Our Puppy Scrub will get your car clean.  We wash, vacuum, get into the nooks and crannies, and make sure the windows are nice and clean.  It’s our most affordable package for just $49!

But sometimes you want a little more.  You need the interior shampooed.

The Raisin is our full auto detail.  We wash, vacuum, shampoo, clean and condition leather, detail the door jambs, polish, remove grime, and much more.  Most places will charge over $300; we charge a mere $175.

Of course, you may want to go all out.  You may want your vehicle hand washed, hand dried, hand waxed, and every tiny little detail cleaned.  After all, you are the only owner on this car now, and you want to take care of it!  We offer a hand wax service, but it kind of depends on your vehicle.  Give us a call at 406-259-6328 and we can quote you on that, and set up an appointment for you!

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The Perks of Detailing Your Vehicle

Aside from the fact that it’s going to be cleaner, smell better, look nicer, and provide a more comfortable ride; there are a bunch of perks that come with having a clean car!

Of course, we’ve listed those before.  Check out the benefits of a clean car to learn more.

Auto detailing in Billings

Visit Big Sky Collision Center

As we strive to be the best collision repair center in Billings, we want to make sure that you’re taken care of.  We don’t just fix cars!  After you have paid off your vehicle, and you’re ready to save hundreds every month, make one more “car payment” and invest in keeping your newly paid for vehicle clean and safe.

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