Vehicle Damage You Can’t See

After a Wreck, There is Often Hidden Damage

You’ve been in a wreck.  It wasn’t bad, nobody was hurt, and both vehicles were moving pretty slowly.  You do a quick inspection of the damage to your vehicle, and you notice that it doesn’t seem all that bad.  Maybe a cracked bumper, a dented fender, or a broken headlight.  It should be an easy fix.

Hidden vehicle damage after a wreck

We see time and again that people are shocked when the repair estimate comes back.  On the surface, the damage seems minor.  But we wouldn’t be living up to our claim of the best auto body shop in Billings if we just repaired the cosmetic stuff.  The hidden damage could cause many problems down the road.


Damage Beneath the Surface

It’s hard to miss the external damage.  But if that’s all an auto body shop paid attention to, then you would be sent away with a vehicle that isn’t safe to drive.  There are a few areas that we inspect closely to ensure you have the safest ride possible.

Frame Damage

Every vehicle is built on a frame.  These frames provide the structural integrity so that the cabin (the part where you and your passengers sit) can roll safely down the road.  In a collision the frame can crumple, bend, or become “tweaked” out of place.  This damage can be minor enough that you can’t see it, and sometimes even an inspection won’t notice it.  But hooking it up to a machine that can measure the frame will reveal the damage.

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Alignment Damage

When you buy new tires, you probably know that you have to bring the car in after a certain amount of miles for “rotating and alignment.”  This is where they will move the tires from the front to the back, so they wear evenly.  But they will also make sure that there are no little wobbles, and ensure that your steering is on point.  It’s easy to see that even a small collision can knock your alignment off.  If it’s off, you risk significant wear and tear on your vehicle, and it’s a big safety hazard.

Light Damage

Most of the time you can see damage to lights, they’re either broken or not working.  But often the damage isn’t in the headlight or tail light itself, it’s directly behind it.  Loose or broken wires can be a safety hazard, and if they aren’t fixed properly you could have a fire somewhere down the road.

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Other Hidden Damage

When there’s something wrong with your vehicle, little lights often come up on the dashboard.  But most of the time, those lights won’t go on.  It’s necessary to do a complete scan before and after the work is done.  This will ensure that before the car rolls out of the shop, everything is fixed properly.


Big Sky Collision Center Fixes Vehicles the Right Way

If you have been in a wreck, you want to make sure that your vehicle is repaired to factory safety standards.  We go above and beyond what is required as a collision repair center in order to ensure that your vehicle is completely fixed the right way.

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