True Leadership Starts with One Quality

All Leaders Must Begin with This

Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we have one passion: investing in our employees so they can grow into true leaders.  While there are many characteristics of a leader, there are some that stand out more than others.  And after years of leadership training, and reading dozens of books, there is one quality that seems to trump the others.

Leadership Begins with Integrity


Whether you are just getting started in your leadership journey, or if you have been leading for decades, this quality must be in place before anyone will ever choose to follow.


It All Starts with Trust

man-997402_1920Take a look at those leaders that you choose to follow.  Regardless of the reasons why you look up to them, and regardless of how they rose to an esteemed position in your mind, it boils down to trust.  Before you are willing to follow someone, they have to earn your trust.

Without trust you end up second guessing what they have to say.  You end up worrying if they have your best interest in mind.  Without trust, you aren’t actually following them; instead you’re monitoring them.

But that trust stems from that quality that every leader needs to take into consideration.


To Earn Trust, You Must Have Integrity

Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we seek to operate with integrity.  Of course, if you look at just about any company’s values, they will have integrity listed.  So what does that mean?  What does it look like?

Integrity is doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing.  If we were to cut corners, we could likely bring in a whole lot more business.  But our uncompromising standard is integrity.  Take for instance this issue of vehicle damage:

A customer came in and had some damage to his vehicle.  Upon inspection it was evident that the damage did not all occur in the same accident; two separate instances caused damage to the vehicle.  In the world of auto insurance, when this happens you are supposed to file two claims, and you will end up paying two deductibles.  This customer was trying to get around that second deductible and save some money.


Because we have an uncompromising standard of integrity, we explained that we would be unable to fix the vehicle unless it went through the proper channels and the proper claims were filed with insurance.  He was not happy with that answer, and he took his business somewhere else that would cut corners.

We operate with integrity not because it looks good.  Not because it earns us more friends.  Not because we get more business from it.  But because it is the right thing to do.


Let Big Sky Collision Center Fix Your Vehicle

Do you have damage to your vehicle?  Is it time to get it fixed?  We train leaders that take ownership of the work they do.  The result is that your vehicle is expertly repaired and restored to full factory safety standards.

Of course, if it just needs cleaned, we provide auto detailing to the Billings community at the best rates around!

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