Last year I was the victim of some terrible luck. It first started at the car wash. I was vacuuming my custom pickup (A Lincoln Mark LT) when it slipped out of gear. If you have seen the movie Tommy Boy you can picture where I am going with this. My truck slipped out of gear with my door open, and the vacuum cleaner helped bend my door off. I didn’t get to upset, because I knew from numerous friends that there was a body shop in town that could get my pickup looking new again. I took my pickup into the wonderful and professional staff at Big Sky Collision Center. Within in couple of days my baby was back to new. I felt like I had a brand new truck. Not only did they fix my door, they detailed my entire vehicle. It was like having a brand new pickup right off the assembly line. That feeling lasted for a day.

Within 36 hours of receiving my vehicle it was slammed into. A Hummer crashed into the same door that had just been fixed. Once again, the friendly folks at Big Sky Collision Center made my pickup look brand new again…for the second time. I wish I could say this was the end of my story, however this love affair between my pickup and the body shop was not over.

The next week my pickup was once again the victim of truck-on-truck crime. A Dodge truck with a trailer slammed into my driver door. What are the odds? Again I went back to Big Sky Collision Center. They made me feel right at home. For the third and hopefully the final time, they restored my vehicle to mint condition. It has been over a year since the last time my door has been assaulted (fingers crossed)…but if by some chance it does get hit again, I know I will be in great hands with Mathew and the tremendous staff at Big Sky Collision Center.

Sean Michael Graves, Owner/General Manager, Montana Brewing Company, Hooligan’s Sport Bar

The service at Big Sky Collision Center is excellent! The employees are genuine, helpful, and polite. No matter how big or small the damage is on my vehicle, I never think twice to where to take it. It is one less worry off my mind knowing the interest, concern, and promptness to handle my car as “your own” is top priority.

The work preformed is professional and I greatly appreciate my auto returned washed and vacuumed! Something that was not expected at all! I highly recommend your business’ professionalism, expertise, and high standards.

Big Sky Collision Center is a role model for those in the auto body industry. Thank you very much for your time and excellent customer service. It is the primary reason I continue to bring my vehicle to your business. I really appreciate it!

A Very Satisfied Customer,
Abigail Johnson