Policies and Principles: Where Integrity Comes into Play

Uncompromising Integrity Helps Achieve Visions

At Big Sky Collision Center we have a vision to shake up the auto repair industry.  That vision is achieved because of our standard of uncompromising integrity.  But what happens when you get caught up in policies?  As a company grows, certain policies must be put into place so that everyone knows exactly how to handle a situation.  Sometimes, however, those policies aren’t exactly in anyone’s best interest, but rather the best interest of the company itself.

uncompromised integrity

Principles, on the other hand, are often confused with policies.  The biggest difference, however, is a simple one.  Policies change, principles never do.  At Big Sky Collision Center, we have structured policies around our principles; but the bottom line is integrity.

Policies vs. Principles

Best auto body shop in BillingsSo how does it look when policies and principles clash?  For every business it’s going to be different.  We are in the business of repairing cars after they have been in an accident.  But we’re not going to just slap them together, we’re going to do the repairs the right way no matter what.  Those who bring their vehicles to our Billings auto body shop know this; and we have even seen some take their business elsewhere because we were uncompromising on our principles.

Suppose you back your vehicle into a light pole denting up your rear bumper.  Innocent mistake, many of us have done that (some more than once).  Later that day you’re driving along and you don’t pay attention when you change lanes and you bump into another car and damage the rear fender and the driver’s side of the rear bumper.  When the vehicle is brought in for repairs, those are two separate insurance claims, and you would have to pay your deductible for each one.  Our policies say that we’re going to treat the customer right and do what’s best for them.  But our principles say that we maintain integrity, and we don’t cut any corners.  In this situation, do we do what is right for the customer saving them money and doing all of the repairs wrapped under one, or do we do stick to principles and make sure that we’re not skimming the system?

Uncompromising Integrity

In the scenario above, there is little likelihood that anyone would ever know that damage from two accidents was repaired as though it were one.  But integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.  If we want to continue to shake up the auto repair industry, we have to continue to do the right thing every time.  And that means you may take your vehicle to another repair shop that won’t ask questions and will wrap it into one repair.

Big Sky Collision Center Fixes Cars

After an accident, you have choices.  You can take your vehicle to any collision repair shop you choose.  It doesn’t have to be in Billings either; you could have it towed anywhere in the country.  But if you choose Big Sky Collision Center for your auto body repair needs, you know that you will get uncompromised integrity, expert service, and the repairs will be done right so that your vehicle is restored to factory safety standards.

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