Industry Leadership Comes by Sticking to your Standards

How Big Sky Collision Center Pursues Excellence

Matthew McDonnell Sr. grew up on a ranch outside of Great Falls. He worked hard knowing that if the work didn’t get done, it was going to be there the next day waiting for him. For our neighbors that understand ranch life, you understand that you just don’t get behind on your work.

The best auto body shop in Billings

Matt always had an interest in cars, and as a change of pace he went to work for Acme Body Shop in Great Falls. For 13 years he gave it his all, and he learned the trade very well. But eventually, it was time for a change.

A Four Car Garage in Billings

Matt packed up the family and came to Billings. Aside from his mother-in-law, they didn’t know anyone in the area. He strategically chose the location for two reasons: he knew he would be putting in long hours to build his business, and he knew his wife would need company when he was working.

Over the years Big Sky Crash Repair flourished. They changed their name to Big Sky Collision Center, and have expanded outward from that simple 4 car garage to encompass more than a city block. In addition they operate 2 other collision centers: Livingston’s Crash Repair Center and Bozeman’s A&D Auto Body.

Today the business is run by Matthew Jr., one of Matt Sr.’s 3 sons. He has taken the business to a whole new level by offering not only high quality collision repair services, but focusing on what’s beneath the surface.


A Unique Approach to Fixing Cars

Big Sky Collision Center has a mission to build leaders. Their vision is to shake up the industry by staying true to their standard: uncompromising integrity. They know these are lofty goals for any business, but they have put a lot of time and thought into them to make sure that the goals are actually attainable.

Matthew says, “If you have a mission that you don’t believe in, a vision that you can’t achieve, and a standard that you don’t live by, then nobody is going to enjoy the work.”

The best auto body shop in Billings

By focusing on the fundamentals behind the business, that is the people that make the business run smoothly, and the core values that make people want to trust the business with their vehicles (and ultimately their family’s safety), Big Sky Collision Center has gone from a simple four car garage back in 1978, to a nationwide leader in the industry.

By sticking to their core values and standards, they have already begun to shake up the industry. Big Sky Collision is doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing, and now the major insurance companies are coming on board. They are pointing out Big Sky and saying, “This is how it’s supposed to be done; this is what we want to see.”


Big Sky Collision Center: More than Just Fixing Cars

Most of us know and recognize Raisin, the face of Big Sky Collision Center. Many of us don’t see the work that has gone in behind the scenes to build this company to a respected leader in the industry.

Matthew Jr. leaves us with this, “God has blessed us all with only one life. It’s not a dress rehearsal, you only get one opportunity. So play full out.”

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