Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Road Trip Season is Almost Here

Summer will be here before you know it. And with all those vacations you have lined up for this year, it’s as good time as any to prepare your car for its upcoming road trips. Especially because this year’s summer has the potential to be another record-breaking hot season, it’s extremely important that you get your car ready for that heat.

Get your car ready for summer driving

Here’s a simple checklist to help you ensure that your car is in the proper condition to endure those scorching temperatures.

Check your Fluids

It’s during summer that your car is most susceptible to overheating simply because it uses more fluids during this season. This is why it is extremely important that you practice extra diligence in checking your radiator and see to it that it has more than enough fluid to keep your engine cool. Never ever let your radiator fluid fall to critical levels or you might find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that refuses to go on because its engine can no longer take the heat.


Check your Air Conditioner

Summer is the worst time for your AC not to be running properly. The problem is that problems might not be noticeable during other seasons because the temperature outside is not as hot. Which means even if it isn’t operating optimally, you can’t really feel that much discomfort. Even if it’s in the 70’s and you turn the AC on, it might not be blowing as cool as needed to keep your vehicle cold when it’s 90 degrees out.

It’s totally different in summer, of course. Because as soon as you turn on the air, you immediately feel it when something’s wrong. So don’t wait. It’s as simple as placing your hand in front of the system to determine if the air coming out is cold (not just cool). And if it’s not, it probably means the level of your refrigerant needs augmenting.  For a more in depth diagnosis, check out this article.

Another warning to watch out for is leaking under your car’s front, which might also mean a problem with your refrigerant, or possibly something more serious. And you won’t know until you have a professional check it out.

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Check your Tires

Summer makes your tires wear out more, so always take time to ensure that your tires have the correct amount of pressure. Check out your car’s manual if you’re not sure what the recommended pressure is. Remember that under-inflating your tire is just as bad as over-inflating. And don’t forget to check on your spare tire. It’s called a spare tire for a reason. It won’t be of any use to you if it’s not properly inflated as well.

Aside from pressure, check on your physical tire condition too. Try inserting a penny into your tire’s tread, with Lincoln’s head toward the tire. If his head is completely exposed, it’s time to consider buying new tires.  Check out our post on it.

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Check your lights

Make sure all your lights are working, including your signal lights.

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Have an emergency kit ready

It’s always better to be prepared. And when it’s hot, your emergency kit should include bottled water, battery-operated fans and a sunscreen.

emergency kit in trunk

Keep in mind that summer is the peak vacation season. Which means you can expect more traffic on the road. And we’re not just talking about cars. Motorcycles and bicycles too. It’s going to be hot and it’s going to be real easy to lose your cool (pun intended). Don’t, though. You’re supposed to be going on vacation. So don’t rush. Instead, enjoy the ride and keep yourself away from unnecessary inconvenient and heated situations. Your summer will be more enjoyable that way.

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