Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Road Trip Season is Almost Here

Summer will be here before you know it. And with all those vacations you have lined up for this year, it’s as good time as any to prepare your car for its upcoming road trips. Especially because this year’s summer has the potential to be another record-breaking hot season, it’s extremely important that you get your car ready for that heat.

Get your car ready for summer driving

Here’s a simple checklist to help you ensure that your car is in the proper condition to endure those scorching temperatures.

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Maintenance Tips for Cars over 100k Miles

High Mileage Cars Require Different Maintenance

As you age, your needs change. Your car is no different. As it ages, its needs change as well. And it is important that you are aware of what these changes are so you can continue to care for it well and keep it in good working condition.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that your car runs smoothly even when its mileage is already beyond 100K miles.  A well maintained car is a safer car, and as the best auto body repair shop in Billings, we want to make sure that you’re safe when you drive!

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Your Vehicle is Out of Alignment

Do I Need My Car Aligned?

Tire alignment (also known as wheel alignment) refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension, the system which connects the vehicle to its tires. It doesn’t merely involve adjusting the tires themselves. Proper alignment also requires adjustment of tire angles so your tires are correctly positioned.

Vehicle wheel alignment

Bad roads make driving hard. But with misaligned tires, driving becomes hard, even on good roads. Why? Because your tires aren’t pointing in the right direction, which makes steering difficult even when it shouldn’t be.

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Don’t Get in a Wreck this Spring

Tips to Avoid Crashing Your Car

If you have ever been in a car wreck, you know the feeling.  The sinking stomach as you lose control, the screeching tires and crunching of metal.  The jolt that whips through your body as the car comes to a stop much faster than it ever should.  Hopefully you got out with little more than some scratches, bruises, and a bit irritated at yourself.  If you don’t want to experience that (or experience it again), then we have some tips that will help you stay safe!

Best auto body shop in Billings

Big Sky Collision Center is determined to remain the best collision repair center in Billings.  To do that, we want you to be safe so that you never actually need our services!  Spring is upon us, so here are ways you can stay safe on the road.

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What is a Salvaged Car and Should I Avoid Them?

A Salvage Title Can Carry Problems

As careful as you are on the road, sometimes, through no fault of your own, accidents can and will happen. If you’re lucky, your car won’t even show any noticeable sign that you were in an accident. But on the extreme side, the accident can be so severe that the damage to your car is almost irreparable, and your insurance company will simply decide to call it quits, deeming your car ‘salvaged’.

Best Auto Body Shop in Billings

If you still want it fixed, you can have it repaired. And Big Sky Collision Center will do the best auto body work in Billings. But your car will end up with a salvage title.

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Tips to Make your Tires Last Longer

Better Tires Means a Safer Car

Many car owners think that tires are good for an average of 2 years, or maybe up to 3 years. But that is a common misconception. If you take care of your tires properly, you can make them last beyond more than just 3 years.

Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we strive to make sure that your vehicle is safe.  If you want to keep your tires running for a longer period of time, and make sure you don’t need a trip to our auto body shop, always do the following:
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7 Common Problems You’ll Face with a Vehicle

At Least Many can be Prevented with Maintenance

When a warning light in a car turns on, the first thought that usually enters a car owner’s mind is: “oh no, how much will this cost me?” The fear that it will be expensive is quite realistic. However, the problem does not always have to mean an expensive repair job that means a trip to the mechanic.

We’re not saying that you can just ignore warning signs. The warning pops up for a reason and it won’t show up unless something is out of place, whether it’s just a minor glitch or a sign of a major damage. Regardless of what the problem is, you have to make sure that it’s attended to immediately, otherwise, what’s may begin as minor can easily turn into something major.

best collision repair shop in Billings

Of course, there are repairs that require professional service, and there are a few that you can handle yourself. What’s important is recognizing when something is wrong, and doing what’s needed to ensure that it is immediately fixed, whether by your own hands, or through a trained mechanic.

Keep reading as Big Sky Collision Center, the best auto body shop in Billings, lays out 7 issues you’re likely to face at some point with your vehicle.

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10 Reasons Your Vehicle Won’t Start

Troubleshoot Your Vehicle Issues

When your car doesn’t want to start, you just can’t help but get frustrated. Sometimes it just happens. But the thing is, for many people, it happens at the most inopportune times, during an emergency or when one is simply in a hurry. The thought that it’s experienced by every car owner at one time or another doesn’t give much comfort. But it’s just one of those realities you have to accept.

Best Auto Body Shop in Billings

A lot of things can go wrong with your car, and this is true whether you use it regularly or you don’t. The good news is, whatever the problem is, there’s always a solution.

Before going further, you need to know that a ‘no-start’ problem actually falls into two categories: the engine won’t crank or cranks slowly, or the engine cranks but won’t turn over. The first points to an electrical problem while the second points to a mechanical problem.

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Prep Your Car for Spring

Welcome Spring with a Safe, Clean Vehicle

Currently it is cold and snowy outside.  But the weather will soon warm up, and in the next month or so all of the snow is going to melt away.  We’ll be left with warm days that are bright and sunny, flowers bursting from the ground, leaves budding on the trees, and a vehicle that is… well it’s up to you how you want your vehicle to look, feel, and drive come spring.

Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we want every vehicle on the road to be a safe vehicle.  We want you to have fun while driving, and to not need our services.  But we know that things happen.  And when they do, come to the best auto body repair shop in Billings.

Here are a few pointers on how you can get your car, truck, or SUV prepped for spring so that you have the safest and nicest vehicle possible.
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7 Car Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last

Keep These 7 Tips in Mind Throughout the Year

If you want to keep your car in good working condition for the longest time possible, there’s one thing you have to do. And that’s to maintain your car properly. Not occasionally, but constantly. Because it is only through proper and regular maintenance that your car will be kept in optimal running condition.

7 Car Maintenance Tips Billings, Montana

A common misconception about car maintenance is that it will always require a visit to the mechanic. Of course, a tune up will require just that. But there are many other checks that you can do to help take care of your car, before your next scheduled tune up. As we strive to be the best auto body shop in Billings, we bring you important tips to keep your vehicle safe.
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