You’ve Paid off Your Vehicle!

Give Your Vehicle the “Spa” Treatment

Debt has become a huge part of the American life.  We have school loans that we are paying off.  We have home mortgages that we are tackling.  We may have a little bit of credit card debt that we can’t seem to get out from underneath.  And many people have car loans that they’re consistently paying on.  Working toward a debt free life is tough… and when you get there you should reward yourself!

Auto Detailling in Billings

You probably have a pretty good idea when your vehicle will be paid off.  When you can finally say that you own the car, truck, or SUV outright.  And it will be a great feeling not to write that check for hundreds of dollars every month.  Before you get comfortable with all that extra money in your pocket, treat yourself to a full auto detailing! [Read more…]

Wash Your Car, Even if it will Rain

Washing Makes Your Car Last Longer

Here’s the situation.  Your car is dirty and you need to wash it.  But you look at the forecast and it’s suppose to be sunny today, but rainy tomorrow.  Then a day of sunshine, and another day of rain.  Repeat for the foreseeable future.  You can wash your vehicle now, but then give it 24 hours and the rain will mess up all the work you just put into it.

Auto detailing in Billings Montana

The question becomes, “Is it worthwhile to wash your vehicle now, or wait until the rain passes?”  The answer is that it depends on where you live, when it last rained, what the road conditions are like, and some other factors.  The bottom line, however, is that if you have the time, it’s always a good idea to wash your vehicle.

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Wash Your Vehicle in the Winter

Even in the Winter; Keep Your Car Clean

Most people view the summertime as car washing season.  And for good reason, it’s often too cold to turn the hoses on at home without risking freezing up your pipes!  While it’s easier to wash your vehicle in the summer, and it is important to keep a clean vehicle, it is also important to clean your vehicle regularly in the winter.  In fact, getting the road junk off your car is how you make sure not to cause body damage.

Winter Auto Detailing in Billings

Wondering why you need to detail your vehicle in the winter?  How does the winter weather affect your car here in Billings, MT?  Big Sky Collision Center is dedicated to making sure you have a safe and comfortable vehicle to drive.  A big part of that is making sure it’s maintained properly.
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Spot Cleaning Between Auto Detailings

Make Your Detail Last!

Much like your home’s furniture, the interior of your car is also exposed to all kinds of dirt. Especially because it is highly unlikely that you and your passengers are always fresh and clean every time you get inside it.

When you have dirt and dust on your clothes or there’s oily residue on your skin from sweating, dirt and grime will likely form accumulate on your upholstered seats. As for your shoes, all the dirt, dust, grit and oils that you get from the parking lot will be transferred to your carpets and floor mats too. And tha’s just by getting in your car!

where can I get my car detailed in Billings?

So much more can happen during the drive. Someone might spill pop on the seat. Or someone eating cookies might leave all those crumbs on the carpet. Or a kid eating chocolate or candy might wipe his fingers on the headrest. Or maybe someone might get carsick and throw up on your carpet. If you don’t do anything about it, it won’t be long before your clean and fresh interior becomes dull, dirty, and foul smelling.


How do you keep the inside of your car clean and fresh?

Vacuuming the interior of your car is good for removing dust and dirt. But, surface cleaning won’t always be enough, especially over time. That is why we recommend you bring your vehicle to Big Sky Collision Center for a full auto detail twice each year (or at very least once per year). You can keep those instances to every 12 months by including interior cleaning as part of your regular car maintenance.

Of the many car upholstery cleaners around, here are our top 3 picks.

Meguiar’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Auto Detailing in Billings MontanaDesigned to be sprayed upside-down so it is easier to control, this product foams well and dries quickly. After vacuuming, just spray it on, work it in with a fabric brush, wait a few minutes, and then wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

It gives great results and is safe to use on carpets, non-clear plastic, rubber, upholstery and vinyl. It does a great job on delicate fabric as well. It removes stains that are more than a year old but it doesn’t leave stains or residue of its own. It has a clean and pleasant smell too.

Tuff Stuff Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner for Deep Cleaning

Spot Cleaning between detailing in BillingsA multipurpose foam cleaner that can be used on any washable or painted surface including all kinds of fabric, carpets, chrome and vinyl. Aside from deep cleaning, it also helps in restoring a surface’s original color and appearance so your vehicle’s upholstery will look as good as new. It smells nice too.

To use, just spray it, let it soak for at least a minute, wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth. For more stubborn stains, you may use an upholstery brush to scrub the stain off before wiping it with a damp cloth or some baby wipes.

Armor All OxiMagic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Auto Body Repair BillingsIt does what it says it will do, that is, remove all kinds of stains, even the toughest ones, from all kinds of materials. And it takes only a little effort. Just spray, let it sit, give a quick scrub, and wipe it off. It get rids of stains without discoloring the material being cleaned.


Keep this in mind when cleaning car upholstery

Before applying any cleaning product, read and understand the instructions to make sure the product doesn’t do any damage to you or to your car.

Prior to applying cleaners, do thorough vacuuming first, and then be sure to remove the floor mats.

Carefully follow the instructions on how to apply the cleaner, including the recommended amount, how long you should leave it, and what to use to work it in and get it off.

Repeat the application as needed. It’s better to do multiple light applications instead of one heavy application that might result in unnecessary waste of the product.

Auto Detailing - Vacuum

Bring Your Vehicle to Big Sky Collision Center for a Full Detail

At least once every twelve months you should have your vehicle detailed. A full detail will help to keep it clean, safe, and last as long as possible. And good news, we provide auto detailing! At rates that are about half of what “the other guys” charge, we will make sure to make your car shine (and smell great too!).

Give us a call at 406-259-6328 to schedule your detailing.

Auto Detailing in Billings, Montana

A Clean Car is a Safe Car

You know that there are three reasons to make sure that your car is clean right?

A clean car will last longer.

A clean car is safer.

A clean car looks and feels better.

But most of us don’t have a few hours to really clean our vehicles.  So we settle for the drive-through car wash that sort of cleans them.  Or we will spray them down with the hose and give them the once-over with a sponge and cal it good.  But your vehicle deserves more than that.  It deserves a full auto detailing.

Importance of auto detailing in Billings

Fortunately you don’t need to have your car fully detailed every week.  It doesn’t even need to be done every month.  But at least twice every year, you should bring your vehicle in to Big Sky Collision Center, and have it detailed at the best prices in Billings.


Your Car will Last Longer

Rusted fenders on a car

Here in Billings, we don’t use salt on our roads like they do in the Midwest or back east.  That’s a good thing for our cars.  We don’t get the rusted out fenders or the worn parts nearly as quickly as our neighbors in the middle of the country.  But that doesn’t mean our streets are devoid of salt.

There is almost always a little bit of moisture in the air.  And when conditions are right, that moisture will attach itself to objects (precisely why we have to scrape our windows in the morning when the temperature is below 32 degrees).  When that moisture attaches itself to the sand that is spread on icy intersections it renders it useless because it’s now a big frozen clump.

To prevent this clumping, there is a tiny bit of salt mixed into the road sand.  It’s not enough to cause rapid corrosion on cars, but it is enough to cause some corrosion.

Regularly detailing your car, especially in the spring, will help prevent corrosion and allow you to enjoy your vehicle for longer.  Come get your vehicle detailed at Big Sky Collision in downtown Billings, Montana!


A Clean Car is Safer

Messy CarWhen it comes to driving, safety is everything.  That is why automobile companies spend billions every year researching and designing upgraded and new safety aspects for their vehicle.  When they win those awards for safest vehicle on the road, their sales rise dramatically.

But safety goes beyond the airbag.  If your windshield is dirty, you can’t see very well (especially when the sun is low in the morning and evening).  If the interior of your car is dirty, feet can slip off pedals, grip can be lost on steering wheels, and it’s harder to see your speedometer.

It doesn’t take a full auto detailing to keep your windows and dashboard clean, but it does take a conscious effort.  Between auto detailings, make sure you give your car the once over each month (or more often if it’s getting dir



Take Pride in Your Car

Never the Same

Most likely your vehicle cost you a bit of money.  Even an old clunker will run you a grand or more.  If you have invested that much into your car ($30k or more for new vehicles these days!), then why let it look gross?

A full auto detailing will get your car looking and feeling good.  But over time it’s going to get dirty again.  That is why we recommend a full detail every six months.  Keep it looking and feeling great, and then give it a quick treatment throughout the rest of the year so it holds its edge.

If you don’t have time to wash and vacuum, we have an auto detailing service that is just washing and vacuuming.  No need to go through the whole process when all you need is a pick-me-up!


Auto Detailing in Billings, MT at Big Sky Collision Center

Here at Big Sky Collision Center we have a passion for vehicles.  That doesn’t just mean fixing them, but it means keeping them looking great.  That’s why we offer different tiers of auto detailing here in Billings, MT.

The Puppy Scrub – Your basic wash, vacuum, and window cleaning: just $49!

The Raisin – A full detail service to wash, vacuum, shampoo, clean, degrease, and make your car shine: Only $175!

We have a team dedicated to just detailing vehicles because we know that your car matters to you.  Our prices are about half of what you can find elsewhere, and our auto detailing in Billings makes a great birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present!

Call us at 406-259-6328 to schedule your appointment to have your car detailed.

Keep Your Car Clean Between Auto Detailing in Billings

Prevent Getting Dirty to Keep Clean Longer

Your car is literally your companion and you use it to do lots of things and go to lots of different places. And because your car takes care of you and your family, it’s only fitting that you take care of it too, right? There’s virtually no downside to doing it. All you get is the benefit of enjoying a safe, pleasant, and comfortable ride. You want to treat it well with by getting it detailed.

Clean Car Between Auto Detailings

An integral part of caring for your car is keeping it clean. We’re not just talking about washing and waxing, though that’s part of it, of course. Since you don’t wash and wax your car every time you take it out, you need to do other things to keep it as clean as possible in-between auto detailing schedules. Here are some useful tips from Big Sky Collision Center, your source of auto detailing in Billings, to help you out.


8 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Don’t eat in your car.

Messy CarIf you refrain from bringing food in your car, you will not have to deal with stains, crumbs, straws, cartons, wrappers and all kinds of other stuff that comes with eating. Plus, if morsels of food get left in your car, there’s the chance that mold will grow. With mold growth comes the disgusting smell and the possibility of your car becoming a health hazard.

Clean up messes as soon as you can.

Letting stains and spills linger longer than necessary will make removal harder, or worse, impossible to do. Doing it sooner rather than later will make dirt and stains come off faster and easier.

Keep a trash bag or small trash can in your car.

With somewhere or something specific to put your trash in, there’s less risk for junk getting into places in your car which you are inclined to miss out during cleaning. Remember stuffing gum wrappers into the ash trays?

Don’t get in without knocking your shoes first.

Knocking your shoes together helps remove excess dirt, gunk and ice (if there’s snow). So when you get in your car, your shoes will not be as dirty. And your car mats will not have to get as dirty too.

Garage your car.

Not everyone has their own garage. But if you can, try as much as possible to park your car in an enclosed or covered area. This way, you’ll have better chances of avoiding all kinds of elements (natural and man-made) from dirtying your car.

Wash your car regularly, not occasionally.

Car WashWe know it’s not easy because everyone always seems busy. But, if you make it a point to set a specific schedule for washing your car, you will eventually get used to it as it becomes part of your routine. No need to even use a hose. Just use two buckets: one for for soap and one for water. Scrub your car using the soapy water, then wash it off with clean water. Remember to do your cleaning under a shady spot. Otherwise, if you do it under the sun, water will evaporate and dry up quickly, leaving spots that will require additional cleaning.

Do occasional waxing.

With wax, your car is better protected from dirt, dust, grime, and even watermarks. This will make it easier to clean your car on succeeding times.

Keep your car clean.

It’s easier to keep something clean when you see that it’s clean to begin with. This goes for you and your passengers. When you see a clean car, you will not be as inclined to mess it up and make it dirty.


Big Sky Collision Offers Auto Detailing

Sometimes you get busy and your car gets dirty. We get it. That’s why we offer auto detailing at the best prices in Billings! For just $49 you can get your car washed and vacuumed. That’s enough to get you by for a little while until you can get in for a full auto detail. Our full detail is $149 and you will get a car back that’s cleaner than you thought possible.

Want to schedule a time to bring your car in for a detail? Give us a call at 406-259-6328 to make an appointment to have your vehicle detailed in Billings.

Having a Clean Car for Summer

Is Your Car Clean and Comfortable?

Imagine getting out of a filthy car, in front of one or even just a few people. Because we live in a world where first impressions matter, it isn’t hard to conclude that those people will be rather unimpressed and would rather stay away because of the preconceived notion that based on the appearance of your vehicle, your personal grooming and housekeeping habits are probably no better. Sure, it might be an unfair judgment. But it really can’t be helped.

Clean Car for Summer

But it goes beyond just cleanliness vs. dirtiness.  Big Sky Collision Center, your source for auto body repairs and auto detailing services, lays out seven important reasons to make sure that your vehicle is as clean as possible.


A clean car looks better.

Wash MeA dirty car is unpleasant to look at and uncomfortable to ride in. If you want a pleasant driving experience, make sure you regularly clean your car. It will not only make you look good outside; you’ll feel good inside too. It just feels so great to go on a road trip in a car that looks clean and feels clean, doesn’t it?  Perhaps before your next road trip this summer you should bring your vehicle to Big Sky Collision Center for a full detailing.


A clean car is safer.

If your car is dirty, you’ll have decreased visibility and a higher risk for accidents. By keeping your lights, mirrors, windows, and windshields clean, you will see the road better and others will be able to see you better. Driving under these conditions is of course safer for you, your passengers, and others on the road around you.  Not only that, but “stuff” inside your car can be a distraction, or a deadly projectile in the event of an accident.


A clean car can help save gas.

Without dirt, grime and all kinds of debris, your car will have less wind resistance, which translates to better fuel efficiency.


A clean car is healthier.

Auto Detailing - InteriorIf you do not clean your car, there’s a big chance that your interiors will soon be home to molds, bacteria, bugs and other pests. In such case, it won’t just be disgusting to ride in your car; it will possibly become hazardous to your health too. Keeping your interiors clean will ensure that health issues will not be a concern.


A clean car means fewer repairs and maintenance expenses.

More than just making your car look good, your car paint is also responsible for protecting it from the elements. When you allow dirt to accumulate or mix with rain water, snow and other pollutants, your car paint is bound to eventually weaken and peel off. Once that happens, the body of your car becomes exposed to moisture, rusting and corrosion begins, and all sorts of damage to different internal components will likely follow. Instead of just spending for regular maintenance then, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket because you’ll be faced with repair costs too. Which could have been avoided if you simply cared for your car better.  And not just the exterior!  The interior will wear out faster when dirt and debris build up in seats, floor mats, and other areas.


A clean car retains its value better.

If you suddenly have to sell your car for some reason, you can be sure that you won’t be able to get a good resale value for it if there’s rust and corrosion present, if the paint has cracks, peels, or is not as shiny, and if it simply looks shabby. A well-cared for car will sell for more and will sell faster than a poorly maintained one. It is also fairly easy to tell when someone quickly cleans the vehicle to sell it, or if they have kept it clean for the life of the vehicle.


Cleaning is essential. So is auto-detailing.

Some people might think that regular cleaning is sufficient to keep their cars properly maintained, and that auto-detailing is an extraneous and an unnecessary cost. They would be wrong.

Yes, the main purpose of auto-detailing is to keep your car looking its best and smelling its best. But, there’s a deeper purpose too. Car detailing often involves waxing. Wax makes your car look shinier. More importantly, wax protects your car paint. When you drive through all sorts of debris such as gravel on a dirt road, or hail stones from a hail storm, you’ll rest easier knowing that your car paint is better protected because of the wax that has been applied to it. Better protection equals reduced damage risk. Don’t you think that’s worth the added cost?  Detailing once or twice each year, and then cleaning between details is the best way to make your vehicle last.

Auto Detailing - Vacuum

Big Sky Collision Center Details Vehicles in Billings!

If you’re looking for the best rates on auto detailing in Billings, you have come to the right place.  A simple wash and vacuum is just $49, a full detail is $175.  Give us a call at 406-259-6328 to schedule your appointment to have your car detailed before your next big trip this summer.