5 Safe Driving Apps

Keep Yourself, and Your Family Safe with these Driving Apps

Distracted driving has been causing an increasing number of accidents, and sadly, there aren’t any clear signs that the trend is slowing down. Distraction can be visual (driver looks at something other than the road); auditory (driver listens to non-driving related sounds); manual (driver takes hand off steering wheel to do something else); and cognitive (driver thinks about something else other than driving).

Usually, a distraction involves more than one type. And in the case of cell phone use, the distraction involves all four types, which is why it has now become the most common cause of distracted driving.

5 safe driving apps from the best auto body shop in Billings

Of course, there’s one simple cure to prevent cell phone-related distracted driving incidents. Just turn off your phone and don’t use it while you’re driving. If that’s not possible, though, at least make use of your phone the right way by turning it from something that distracts to something that helps you from getting distracted. How? Through these 5 great driving apps.

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Your Vehicle is Out of Alignment

Do I Need My Car Aligned?

Tire alignment (also known as wheel alignment) refers to the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension, the system which connects the vehicle to its tires. It doesn’t merely involve adjusting the tires themselves. Proper alignment also requires adjustment of tire angles so your tires are correctly positioned.

Vehicle wheel alignment

Bad roads make driving hard. But with misaligned tires, driving becomes hard, even on good roads. Why? Because your tires aren’t pointing in the right direction, which makes steering difficult even when it shouldn’t be.

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Wash Your Car, Even if it will Rain

Washing Makes Your Car Last Longer

Here’s the situation.  Your car is dirty and you need to wash it.  But you look at the forecast and it’s suppose to be sunny today, but rainy tomorrow.  Then a day of sunshine, and another day of rain.  Repeat for the foreseeable future.  You can wash your vehicle now, but then give it 24 hours and the rain will mess up all the work you just put into it.

Auto detailing in Billings Montana

The question becomes, “Is it worthwhile to wash your vehicle now, or wait until the rain passes?”  The answer is that it depends on where you live, when it last rained, what the road conditions are like, and some other factors.  The bottom line, however, is that if you have the time, it’s always a good idea to wash your vehicle.

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What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Stay Safe During Road Trip Season

It happens to the best of us.  We are rolling along, singing our favorite driving song, and suddenly there’s a clunk, a sputter, or a grinding noise.  The car has broken down.  You know enough to move it to the side of the road to get out of the way of traffic, but is there more that should be done?

Handle a break down

Big Sky Collision Center wants to make sure you’re enjoying your vehicle.  That doesn’t happen when it’s broken on the side of the road!  But getting it back into working order as soon as possible, and as safely as possible, can have you feeling good about it again.  Here are 4 tips to know now, so you are safe later.
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Three Road Trips You Must Take this Summer

Summer is Road Trip Time: Here are Easy Ones with the Family

The winter was long.  The roads were snowy.  Most of us didn’t go anywhere.  But now that things have cleared up a bit, the summer is looking much more promising.  Sure it’s still cold(ish), and the rain has been a bit heavier this year than usual.  But that won’t last long.  Soon spring will come out in full force, the sun will shine, and the days will warm in to the 70’s and 80’s.

Best auto body shop in Billings gives you three places you must see

When summer hits, millions of Americans around the country will hit the highway.  They will set off on the proverbial road trip.  While some will travel across the country, we here in Montana don’t have to go that far.  Instead, let’s stay close by and see the sights that we probably have not yet seen.  As the best auto body repair shop in Billings, we have narrowed it down to 3 great places that you can spend some time with the family this summer.
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Prevent an Accident by Adjusting your Attitude

Road Rage is a Leading Causes of Accidents

Because the number of roads can’t keep up with the increasing number of cars, the incidence of road rage is becoming more rampant than ever. As congested roads leave drivers feeling cramped and helpless, emotions tend to heat up and behavior becomes offensive rather than defensive.

Prevent an accident without road rage

But there’s nothing we can do about the traffic, the road conditions, or even the behavior of other drivers and that means the thing we can do so we don’t contribute to all that negativity on roads and highways is to adjust our own attitude. You might think it won’t amount to much, but if everyone does it, then driving conditions would improve in a hurry. And in spite of traffic, maybe driving will not be as stressful or unsafe.

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Great Leaders are Made, Not Born

Investing in People; Building Leaders

Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we often say that we build leaders, we just happen to be good at fixing cars.  The idea behind our catch phrase, if you will, is that the most important thing in life is other people.  If we can build into, and invest into, the lives of those who work here, the final product is going to be that much better.

But there’s a big misconception out there.  Nobody really knows where it got started, or why.  The idea is that there are natural born leaders, and there are natural born followers.  But that’s not entirely true.  There are different personality types, and those types take to training better or worse.  As far as leadership goes, however, anyone can learn the skill.  As Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders are made, they are not born.”

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Dent Repair is Easy! Except… it’s not

The Pros and Cons of DIY Dent Removal

Sometimes, when you have a dent in your car, there’s a strong temptation to fix it yourself because you’d rather spend your money on something else other than the repair. But just because there are dent removal kits available, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s perfectly okay to pull those dents out yourself. You might think that you are saving some money, and maybe if you do it correctly, you would be. But if the dent has resulted not just in cosmetic but also underlying damage, you will most likely be faced by a bigger expense by attempting DIY repair.

Dent repair services in Billings

Still, the choice to do it yourself or let the professionals do it for you is a decision that’s entirely your own. Just know that there are certain advantages and disadvantages when you opt to pull out the dent yourself.

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The Secret to a Happy Life

Hint: It’s not about your Income

Study after study, and poll after poll have narrowed it down to what people want the most in life.  While some claim that they want a good job, a husband or wife, a nice house, and a variety of other things, when you get to the heart of it all people consistently say they want one thing: happiness.  To be happy.  To find that they look at their life and they are satisfied, joyful, and happy.

The secret to happiness

The problem, however, is that because happiness is an intangible and mostly abstract concept, people don’t know how to get it.  What makes me happy doesn’t make you happy, and may only work sometimes on another person.  We sought long and hard, and here at Big Sky Collision Center, we have discovered how to achieve happiness.

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Can an Airbag be Reset?

Or does an Airbag need Replaced?

A common misconception about car airbags is that as long as they don’t deploy, they will never need to be replaced. But like we said, it’s a misconception, which means airbags do need replacement, eventually due to wear, or sooner because of an accident.

On the other hand, it is also incorrect to assume that when an accident occurs, an airbag will automatically have to be replaced. Sometimes, resetting and recalibrating will be sufficient. The important thing is: you need to have your airbag inspected as soon as you are alerted that there’s something wrong with it. Otherwise, you won’t be as protected in case another accident happens.

Airbag reset or replace

So how do you know when the airbag needs reset or replaced? As the best auto body shop in Billings, we want to make sure that you’re an informed customer. Here is what you need to know.

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