How to Gain the Respect of Those Around You

The Simple Way to Gain Respect

There’s a book titled, “A Man Called Ove” by Frederik Backman.  The character, Ove, is often described as curmudgeonly or even angry.  The book is the tale of how he softens, and it’s filled with a lot of great one liners, some hilarious, some sad, and others inspiring.  In the first third of the book, there is a flash back to when he was a teen and working for the rail yard.  Caught up in a scandal, that of course he didn’t do, he states:

“Men are what they are because of what they do. Not what they say.”

It’s simple line that perfectly sums up who he is.  Ove is a by-the-books kind of guy.  There are rules, standards, and orders in place for a reason, and he follows them.  He doesn’t say much, but you can always count on him to do what is supposed to be done.

The simple way to gain respect as an auto body repair shop in Billings

There’s an application we can all take away from this.

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It’s Just a Scratch, Right?

Does a Scratch Really Need Repaired?

Just like accidents can’t always be avoided, occasional scratches on your car paint are likewise inevitable. For some people, it’s not such a big deal and they can live with a scratch on their car paint as if it wasn’t there. For some people, though, a scratch, especially a deep and noticeable one, is quite an eyesore. That means they won’t rest until the scratch is repaired and their car looks as good as new.

Best auto body repair shop to fix a scratch in Billings

Some may think that repairing a scratch isn’t a priority, especially since it doesn’t really affect how the vehicle performs. While that may be true, it’s also important to note that scratch repair isn’t just a matter of aesthetics and vanity. Because eventually, that scratch you have been ignoring will make its effects known. And then you’ll regret how it’s taken you so long to fix it up. Keep reading and let the best auto body repair shop in Billings explain why you should repair that scratch.

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Policies and Principles: Where Integrity Comes into Play

Uncompromising Integrity Helps Achieve Visions

At Big Sky Collision Center we have a vision to shake up the auto repair industry.  That vision is achieved because of our standard of uncompromising integrity.  But what happens when you get caught up in policies?  As a company grows, certain policies must be put into place so that everyone knows exactly how to handle a situation.  Sometimes, however, those policies aren’t exactly in anyone’s best interest, but rather the best interest of the company itself.

uncompromised integrity

Principles, on the other hand, are often confused with policies.  The biggest difference, however, is a simple one.  Policies change, principles never do.  At Big Sky Collision Center, we have structured policies around our principles; but the bottom line is integrity. [Read more…]

What to do if you see an Accident

You Could Help Save a Life

If you’ve ever witnessed a vehicle accident, you know how scary and stressful it can be. And that’s just as a bystander. Imagine what it must feel like for those who were involved. Rather than feeling bad and stressing out about what you saw, do what you can to help instead. Not necessarily help the victims because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could make things worse and aggravate their injuries. You can help prevent even worse things from happening, though. And not just for those who were already involved in the accident, but also for others on the road.

Best auto body repair shop after an accident in Billings

Here are a few guidelines that can help you carry out proper actions in any kind of car crash situation.


Ensure your safety

If you see an accident, never rush onto the scene. Instead, try to remain calm, slow down, park your vehicle at a safe spot, and turn on your hazard lights to alert first responders and other oncoming drivers. A good rule of thumb is to park at least a hundred feet away from the accident. If you park too close, you might be endangering yourself from broken glass, leaking fuel, flames or worse, a big explosion. And then you might become one of the victims too.


Check on the victims

If you’re sure that it’s safe to approach the scene, cautiously check to see if anybody is injured, and how severe their injuries are. Unless you’re trained to provide medical care, don’t try to render assistance yourself. At this point, the best thing you can do is reassure the victims that help is coming.


Call 911

collision repair shop in Billings

Don’t ever assume that someone else already called 911. It’s better to have the accident reported more than once instead of assuming that someone already reported it when no one actually did. The authorities have to be notified, regardless if the crash seems severe or not. Be prepared to inform the 911 operator pertinent details regarding the accident including the exact location, the number of vehicles involved, the number of people involved, how many are injured and how bad the injuries are.

Stabilize the vehicles

To help minimize the risk of fire, ask the drivers to turn off their ignition and put the vehicle in park (if possible). If you’re sure it’s safe, ask the drivers or seek help to move the vehicles off the road. If this isn’t feasible, use flares or warning devices to alert oncoming traffic of the accident.


Help out where you can

While it is not advisable to provide direct assistance or first aid to victims, you should also know how to gauge if simply standing by and waiting for help to arrive will be counterproductive or not. For instance, if there are unconscious victims inside a burning vehicle, you might be more helpful by pulling them out instead of just watching them burn. That’s probably one of those exceptional cases when you’re allowed to move victims. Otherwise, you can just help make them feel as comfortable as possible without moving them as this can easily turn a minor injury into a more serious one.


Give your statement

Describe the accident as you witnessed it and stick to facts. Provide your name and contact information, and expect to be contacted by the authorities in the days or weeks following the accident. It might help if you write down the details of what you saw because this will ensure you do not forget or mix up the details later on when you are called on as a witness.

accident repair in Billings

Big Sky Collision Center says to be Safe!

Here at Big Sky Collision, we want no crashes! But we are fully aware that it’s always going to happen. If you’re able to assist in an accident, and possibly help save a life, then we commend you. If the accident isn’t too severe, then letting them know that we provide outstanding auto body repair in Billings is welcome ;-).

Vehicle Damage You Can’t See

After a Wreck, There is Often Hidden Damage

You’ve been in a wreck.  It wasn’t bad, nobody was hurt, and both vehicles were moving pretty slowly.  You do a quick inspection of the damage to your vehicle, and you notice that it doesn’t seem all that bad.  Maybe a cracked bumper, a dented fender, or a broken headlight.  It should be an easy fix.

Hidden vehicle damage after a wreck

We see time and again that people are shocked when the repair estimate comes back.  On the surface, the damage seems minor.  But we wouldn’t be living up to our claim of the best auto body shop in Billings if we just repaired the cosmetic stuff.  The hidden damage could cause many problems down the road.


Damage Beneath the Surface

It’s hard to miss the external damage.  But if that’s all an auto body shop paid attention to, then you would be sent away with a vehicle that isn’t safe to drive.  There are a few areas that we inspect closely to ensure you have the safest ride possible.

Frame Damage

Every vehicle is built on a frame.  These frames provide the structural integrity so that the cabin (the part where you and your passengers sit) can roll safely down the road.  In a collision the frame can crumple, bend, or become “tweaked” out of place.  This damage can be minor enough that you can’t see it, and sometimes even an inspection won’t notice it.  But hooking it up to a machine that can measure the frame will reveal the damage.

best auto body shop in Billings

Alignment Damage

When you buy new tires, you probably know that you have to bring the car in after a certain amount of miles for “rotating and alignment.”  This is where they will move the tires from the front to the back, so they wear evenly.  But they will also make sure that there are no little wobbles, and ensure that your steering is on point.  It’s easy to see that even a small collision can knock your alignment off.  If it’s off, you risk significant wear and tear on your vehicle, and it’s a big safety hazard.

Light Damage

Most of the time you can see damage to lights, they’re either broken or not working.  But often the damage isn’t in the headlight or tail light itself, it’s directly behind it.  Loose or broken wires can be a safety hazard, and if they aren’t fixed properly you could have a fire somewhere down the road.

best collision repair center in Billings

Other Hidden Damage

When there’s something wrong with your vehicle, little lights often come up on the dashboard.  But most of the time, those lights won’t go on.  It’s necessary to do a complete scan before and after the work is done.  This will ensure that before the car rolls out of the shop, everything is fixed properly.


Big Sky Collision Center Fixes Vehicles the Right Way

If you have been in a wreck, you want to make sure that your vehicle is repaired to factory safety standards.  We go above and beyond what is required as a collision repair center in order to ensure that your vehicle is completely fixed the right way.

Get in touch with us by calling 406-259-6328 to schedule a time to bring your vehicle in to be repaired.

Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Road Trip Season is Almost Here

Summer will be here before you know it. And with all those vacations you have lined up for this year, it’s as good time as any to prepare your car for its upcoming road trips. Especially because this year’s summer has the potential to be another record-breaking hot season, it’s extremely important that you get your car ready for that heat.

Get your car ready for summer driving

Here’s a simple checklist to help you ensure that your car is in the proper condition to endure those scorching temperatures.

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You Just Got in a Wreck

Do You File a Claim, or Pay out-of-Pocket?

You know in your heart that you’re as careful as a driver can be. In spite of this, you know that even the most careful drivers can sometimes get into an accident because you’re never alone on the road and you can’t control what’s happening around you.

Accidents happen. It’s a simple reality. The question is: if you’re involved in one, how do you decide whether you should file an insurance claim or pay for repair expenses out of your own pocket?

If you’re the only one involved in the accident, for instance, you miscalculated the distance and backed straight into a tree, it’s generally simpler to just pay for the cost of repair yourself, especially if it only resulted in minor damage. But when another vehicle is involved, more often than not, the better choice is to file an insurance claim so legality issues that arise can be dealt with accordingly.

Best auto body shop in Billings

On the other hand, generalizing doesn’t always work since there are still some cases when handling the repair expense on your own might be more beneficial.

To help with this decision, ask yourself the following questions, then make up your mind from there.

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You’ve Paid off Your Vehicle!

Give Your Vehicle the “Spa” Treatment

Debt has become a huge part of the American life.  We have school loans that we are paying off.  We have home mortgages that we are tackling.  We may have a little bit of credit card debt that we can’t seem to get out from underneath.  And many people have car loans that they’re consistently paying on.  Working toward a debt free life is tough… and when you get there you should reward yourself!

Auto Detailling in Billings

You probably have a pretty good idea when your vehicle will be paid off.  When you can finally say that you own the car, truck, or SUV outright.  And it will be a great feeling not to write that check for hundreds of dollars every month.  Before you get comfortable with all that extra money in your pocket, treat yourself to a full auto detailing! [Read more…]

How to Define Leadership

It is Said that Leadership is Influence

If you ask people, “What is leadership?” you may get some of the following responses:

  • Leadership is being in a position of power
  • Leadership is having people follow you
  • Leadership is guiding the way so that people can easily follow

All are true answers, but there is a simpler definition of leadership.  John Maxwell puts it simply: Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.

Leadership is influence

But how do we come about with that simple definition?  Isn’t there more to leadership than influence?  Certainly there’s the position, the expertise, and many other pieces of a good leader right?  The truth is that influence is the fundamental aspect of a leader; the rest follows along.
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Maintenance Tips for Cars over 100k Miles

High Mileage Cars Require Different Maintenance

As you age, your needs change. Your car is no different. As it ages, its needs change as well. And it is important that you are aware of what these changes are so you can continue to care for it well and keep it in good working condition.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that your car runs smoothly even when its mileage is already beyond 100K miles.  A well maintained car is a safer car, and as the best auto body repair shop in Billings, we want to make sure that you’re safe when you drive!

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