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If you are in an accident, there may be heightened emotions and there may be injuries.  There are important things you should do at the scene of an accident.  Review our accident checklist below.

1.  STOP at once to investigate.

Try to avoid further damage and/or injury. Help anyone who is injured and avoid movement of the seriously injured.

2. Protect the scene of the accident.

Activate your emergency flashers and place flags, flares or reflectors. Move vehicles to a safe area until police arrive.

5. Do not state that you are at fault.

Do not discuss the facts of the accident with the other party or anyone other than the police. When discussing the facts with the police, again do not state who is at fault.

6. Get witness information.

Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses to the accident. Use the cards in this envelope.

3. Call 911, if necessary.

Give them the facts of the accidents and obtain from them any forms which must be completed.

4. Exchange information.

Exchange driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance provider, insurance policy number

7. Call for assistance

To have your vehicle towed or to call and schedule an appointment, call Big Sky Collision Center (406) 259-6328.

7. Notify your insurance company.

And remember, you get to choose which auto body shop to use!

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