5 Safe Driving Apps

Keep Yourself, and Your Family Safe with these Driving Apps

Distracted driving has been causing an increasing number of accidents, and sadly, there aren’t any clear signs that the trend is slowing down. Distraction can be visual (driver looks at something other than the road); auditory (driver listens to non-driving related sounds); manual (driver takes hand off steering wheel to do something else); and cognitive (driver thinks about something else other than driving).

Usually, a distraction involves more than one type. And in the case of cell phone use, the distraction involves all four types, which is why it has now become the most common cause of distracted driving.

5 safe driving apps from the best auto body shop in Billings

Of course, there’s one simple cure to prevent cell phone-related distracted driving incidents. Just turn off your phone and don’t use it while you’re driving. If that’s not possible, though, at least make use of your phone the right way by turning it from something that distracts to something that helps you from getting distracted. How? Through these 5 great driving apps.



Drive Safe.ly app collision repairDrive Safe.ly doesn’t track your bad driving habits. Instead, it stops you before you can engage in those bad habits. Specifically, it stops you from texting or emailing while driving by reading your messages out loud, and then sending an auto-reply informing the message sender that you’re currently driving and will reply later. It’s probably the best driving app there is for chronic texters who find it extremely difficult and almost impossible to keep themselves from texting.



ionroad app auto body repairiOnRoad is one of the more imaginative safe driving apps. Why? Aside from blocking your calls, texts, and emails, it makes use of augmented reality (through your phone’s camera and GPS) to measure the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. When you happen to get too close, a warning will flash on your phone, along with an audio alert.



Lifesaver app full auto detailingLifeSaver combines GPS monitoring with a rewards system to help drivers do away with their distracted driving habits. It helps prevent drivers from using their phones by blocking calls and text messages, and basically locking the phone while the car is in motion. It tracks the number of safe miles driven and gives rewards accordingly. It also sends a notification to family or friends to let them know that the driver has arrived at his/her destination, or if the driver unlocks the app or disables GPS while driving.



safedrive app best auto body shop in BillingsSafeDrive makes staying off your phone a rewarding feat. And it does so like a game. Rather than stop you from looking at your phone, it gives you awards when you don’t look. Just open the app and click ‘Play Now’ when you start driving. Don’t touch your phone, and you’ll rack up more points as you simply go on driving. Give in to the temptation to take a look and all your points will be forfeited. And mind you, those aren’t just points. You can cash in those points and get products at discounted prices through participating retailers. You can even challenge other SafeDrive users to find out who among you can go the most number of miles without using your phones. If you win, it’s not just points and glory at stake. More importantly, you’re keeping yourself safer.


TrueMotion Family

truemotion app best collision repair in BillingsTrueMotion doesn’t just monitor your risky behaviors, it provides suggestions so you can improve on those behaviors. What differentiates it from other driving apps is its ‘trip score’ feature which rates your driving every time you get behind the wheel, and identifies instances when you may have been driving distractedly or aggressively. It considers how much time you spend driving over the speed limit, and how many times you hit your brakes hard, and of course, how many times you used your phone while you were driving. It also allows monitoring of the entire family’s individual locations and overall driving score.


Big Sky Collision Says Be Safe!

Here at Big Sky, our goal is that nobody would crash. Of course that would mean that a major part of our business would no longer be necessary. With the help of these driving apps, you can minimize the chances of being in a wreck.

Of course, fender benders will still happen. Deer will still run in front of cars, people will still run stop signs, and ice will still cause people to slide into trees. When that happens, bring your vehicle to the best auto body repair shop in Billings. We will fix it up, do a complete auto detail, and restore it to factory safety standards.

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